Monday, 16 January 2017

Koiyaki - Dotonbori PIK AVENUE

Recently, PIK Avenue just opened Japanese themed food court and the name is Dotonbori. The food court sells a lot of affordable Japanese food such as takoyaki, donburi, sushi, and many more. When I visit the Dotonbori, I got totally confuse from all available option to choose from. Because, I'm craving for ice cream at that time, so I choose Koiyaki for now and the store has buy 1 parfait get 1 free any parfait flavour (exclude toppings). 
Koiyaki is Japanese soft serve ice cream shop and the store only sells 2 flavors, which is Hokkaido milk and Japanese green tea. The soft serve ice cream is available in 3 options, Cone, Cup Parfait, and Taiyaki.  In addition, you can choose any kind toppings for your choice of ice cream. The ice cream price ranging from IDR 15K - 38K. 
Japanese Green Tea Parfait IDR 38K
The ice cream has soft creamy texture, not to sweet and the taste of the Japanese Matcha is perfect for my taste.
The Hokkaido milk flavor is nice too, the ice cream has a nice creamy texture and nice balance of sweetness.

That's the end of this post guys, and this is my overall score for this Japanese Soft Serve Ice Cream shop:
Crave factor 6.5/10
Satisfied factor 8/10
Return for more - maybe?

I hope you guys enjoy it and stay tune for my next post.
If you have some suggestions of cafes, restaurants, food or drinks that you want me to visit and make a review of, please leave it on the comment section down below. I would really appreciate it.


PIK Avenue
Opening Hours:
Everyday 10.00 - 22.00
Instagram: @koiyakiindonesia

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